About RLS Search

RLS Search operate across all time zones, effectively conduction global search mandates against aggressive timescales.

We do this from our three locations, London, Dublin, and Italy.

Our business focuses on top percentile talent in the Buy Side technology space.

Why RLS Search?

There are many reasons why organisations choose to partner with us for their talent solutions.

Expansion, lack of available internal talent, niche skill sets, internal challenges and time constraints hindering their ability to attract talent. Or often, circumstances requiring a trusted third party to eliminate potential
conflicts of interest and confidentially represent the company brand to targeted high performing individuals working for your competitors.

What we do?

Our offering provides you with a third party, who can demonstrate the available ‘‘passive’’ talent pool. We understand that the high performers and the revenue generators, are successful and happy with their careers. It is this demographic that do not respond to advertising campaigns, but who can really make a difference to your organisation.

This is where RLS excel. We stay constantly networked with the ‘best in class’ candidates, we know who is moving, when and why. But more importantly we know who isn’t moving and why. This is the talent pool which we can offer access to.