Our Method

A successful head hunting organisation requires a sophisticated blend of industry knowledge and skills, combined with a bespoke and personal service.

At RLS, our directors have two decades of experience, consisting of agency and ‘on-site’ roles. We can understand your business needs, and are experts at the subtle art of human relations needed to find the perfect cultural match.

“Industry analysis, and the evaluation of existing culture and dynamics, provide a backdrop against which we support our clients in securing innovative candidates matched to their specifications.”

We provide the companies we partner with the tools to identify, attract and develop extraordinary talent. To enable this, we aim to partner with you closely, as establishing long term working relationships and developing a deep understanding of your company culture is how a recruitment partner can truly become a trusted representative of your brand.

The most successful appointments are made by experienced individuals who:

  • Understand the current issues and opportunities within your sector.
  • Appreciate and can learn your corporate culture.

  • Recognise the challenges that are unique to your organisation.
  • Know how to find and attract the candidates who will secure the job.

It is the combination of deep technical and industry knowledge, and the human touch, that enables us to successfully match ‘mechanics and mentality’ time and time again to support the growth of our client’s organisations.